Version 0.15 - Big Release Great news, everyone! team released a new version of the game. New update includes some hotly anticipated features, including:  A new vehicle: Autobello Piccolina The Autobello Piccolina might seem to be funny and small, but it's no joke. Bringing cues from German and Italian economy cars of the 50s and sixties, we've come up with the perfect match for the new Italy map. It's lightweight, nimble, and durable, but of course, absolutely terrible in a collision. You might find yourself giggling as it eagerly pivots around switchbacks and narrow cobblestone roads; however, some unnerving lift up oversteer will position the apprehension in you as rates increase. Powered by an air-cooled engine, you cannot find any rad to damage, but keep an eye on the temperature gauge, as too much work without enough airflow can swing the temperatures into the red. As the base model might be somewhat too mild for some, we have included many personalization parts to make things more exciting. Kit it out as a classic racer, street machine. A new map: Italy To find some perspective about the effort that has gone into Italy map for the previous 2 years and almost 8 months, here's an evaluation by of our other existing maps: That's an area of 16km2, four times as much as our previous major map. Italy features 120 kms of lovingly hand-crafted curvy roads, together with more than 4, 300 manually located traffic signs, and of course the large numbers of associated street marking, fences, curbs, surfaces and other roadside features. This road network links together several rural and cities made up of roughly 2, 100 properties. Going further off-road, likely to find Italy includes at least 140, 000 individual plant life. And that's not all, as a few areas have yet to be populated with further fine detail and polish in future updates. All of this combined meant that preliminary versions of Italy were simply too resource extensive. This forced us to postpone the original release date some months back, so we could improve our game engine for this kind of intricate map. In fact that work, we've seen framerates bettering up to 240% on Italy, which means really now playable on most computers. Also, many minor improvements were implemented and bugs fixed. We hope you like it. Continue Reading
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