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Corruption of Champions

Salamander Studios

If you've never taken a dive into the wide world of adult gaming, you may not realize the wealth of options this genre provides. Corruption of Champions is a text-based adventure with a twist, providing a surprisingly deep and immersive story with plenty of sexy monster girls and perverse demons.


There are three main elements to Corruption of Champions gameplay: combat, character interaction, and character customization. The most popular of these is character customization, which relies on collecting a variety of transformative items ranging from oils and tonics to flowers, eggs, and berries to initiate changes.

Endless Journey

In a game like Corruption of Champions, choice is key. Endless Journey, a mod thats been evolving for nearly as long as the base game, provides enough additional choices that it feels like an expansion all on its own. Endless Journey offers a number of new quests, characters, hairstyles, outfits, and perks, along with several bug fixes for known problems in the game.

Unofficial expansion

The original Corruption of Champions is more than a decade old, and new projects have distracted its original creators away from continued updates and patches. Thankfully, the unofficial expansion brings a slew of excellent upgrades to keep the game interesting.

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