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Degrees of Lewdity


Degrees of Lewdity is an erotic game. You play an 18-year-old boy or girl in a town full of people with lewd intentions. Go to school and find honest work, turn to a life of crime, or sell your body in more carnal ways. The game has strong sexual themes, and lots of sex in general. You can choose the gender of the people who'll be attracted to you, and fetishes such as tentacles can be toggled off in settings.

Read All About It

One of the more interesting aspects of Degrees Of Lewdity is that this is a text-based game. Everything you do in this game is done via a text system. This goes for the combat, the progression, getting new gear and of course the sex. This is a game where you are a young 18-year-old who has ended up trying to strike out on their own. Going to school, getting a job, being a victim to the towns sexual desires. WHAT???

Pixelated Action

While the majority of the game is text-based, you can still see some pixelated hentai action. This is way more graphic than I was expecting! To be honest, the actual game and the sexual descriptions it gives are really graphic so I am not sure why I was so surprised. However, this makes the game one that is most certainly 120 percent not safe to play while you are at work or even in the same room as someone.

Three Ways To Go

One of the things that makes people take note of Degrees Of Lewdity is that when it comes to the actual sex there are different ways it can go. One is that it is consensual, then we have nonconsensual and then we also have an option where you do not want any part in it and can call for help and it may be stopped. This is rather interesting and the game even though it is a text-based game does have a lot of things to consider. For example, the lewder you dress the more attention you will get. Going to certain places at night is dangerous and so on.

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