Were you born with the car wheel in your hands? Prefer fast motion and simply enjoy driving? You must be a race simulators fan! Because only these games give you total freedom of driving which is impossible to get in real life. 
But what if race simulators don’t satisfy your expectations completely? You may like driving for the good of driving only. Then we have good news: BeamNG.drive is the right kind of a game for those preferring various types of driving and not chasing after victories.

The game has so many features to be appealed with!

  • Real-time soft body physics: for fast and interactive animation.  
  • Simulated at 2000 frames per second: for a better moving experience. 
  • Deep customization of vehicles with various interior designs: for the visual attractiveness of the autos. 
  • In-depth parts simulation: for better understanding what parts do the car consist of. 
  • Fully explorable levels: for discovering beautiful environments. 
  • Full mod support with terrain editor: for a diversified gaming experience.

Continual updates: for improving any drawbacks and reaching the best level of players satisfaction. 
So just drive, explore the surroundings, and simply enjoy the process with BeamNG.drive. And stay connected: we always have so much to share with you about BeamNG.drive.


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